Axs Purchase Agreement Uk

This agreement must be interpreted in accordance with Ohio State laws, regardless of its conflict of law rules, and you expressly and irrevocably accept the personal jurisdiction and jurisdiction of the Cuyahoga County State and Federal Courts. This agreement, as updated from time to time, represents the entire agreement between us regarding the terms of use of websites and replaces all previous written or oral agreements between us. If a provision of this agreement is found to be invalid or unenforceable, that provision will be adopted and the other provisions will be applied. The section titles of this agreement are used only for reference purposes and do not in any way limit or describe the scope of a given section. Our inability to impose a violation of this agreement by you or others does not mean that we have waived our right to apply the terms of this agreement in the future for a similar offence. We always start with certain assumptions based on our experience, whether in the same sector or the other, and on principles of data science. In the case of AXS, they calculated a plan for insurance with a fixed premium to be won at each sale. Our team studied the different price bands that existed for historical ticket purchases, and developed a hypothesis on differentiated prices with a cognitive bias, also known as anchor. In order to allow all interested customers to acquire seat and/or parking rights for an event, venues and organizers often set limits on the number of seat and/or parking fees a customer or household can acquire.

You will be informed of the restrictions of these rights by a message on the “Buy” page for the event or by a system limitation for the number of rights you can acquire during your online session. Rights acquired during multiple online sessions on our websites for an event can be added up to ensure that the restrictions imposed by venues or organizers are not exceeded. If you exceed these limits, your orders may not be met.

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