Merchant Agreement Bdo

1. Through the visit and/or use of the Services, you accept these conditions and accept, confirm and guarantee that there is no agency, partnership, joint venture, employer, employer, licensee or franchise relationship between you and PayMaya. 2.17 Pos or Point of Sale Terminal – refers to the device or terminal used by a distributor to accept and process payments. Finally, it is the only bank in the Philippines that allows you to accept all ATMs/debit cards from Megalink, Banknet and Expressnet, as well as other major brands such as American Express, Mastercard, JCB, Unionpay, Visa, Diners and Discover. And so, as a dealer, BDO is definitely a consideration of business owners or start-ups worth. As BPI and Global Payments Joint-Venture dealers, you can accept all BPI and prepaid credit cards as well as other bank cards (local and international), including Visa®, MasterCard®, JCB®, UnionPay. American Express® and Diners Club® are also available as terminal sharing. You can also accept BPI ATM and debit cards and all Bancnet and Megalink member banks via the Express Payment System (EPS) if you have a BPI billing account. 4.13They agree not to use the Services for illegal, illegal or prohibited purposes, or to request the organization of illegal activities or other activities infringing the rights of PayMaya or others. They also agree not to modify, rent, rent, lend, sell, distribute or create derivative works, unless payMaya or the owner of such content, materials or information expressly authorized it in a separate agreement. Plan to start your own small business this year! The request for a reseller credit card account terminal is the same as when requesting other credit card accounts. Whether you`re a small business or a large company, we offer your customers great payment opportunities via a POS terminal with credit, debit and prepaid cards.

A POS terminal is a device made available by the BPI and Global Payments joint venture to its accredited dealers to guarantee authorization for card transactions. It is generally used in face-to-face transactions. Simply insert, wipe or tab the card through the computer and process transactions. Now, if you are considering applying for a reseller credit card account in BDO, if you are a foreigner in a company in the Philippines that must finance his business, or just someone who intends to use BDO credit card processing for small businesses, here is a step-by-step guide for a simple reseller credit card accreditation. 13.1 PayMaya In App. Account holders can choose one of the resellers listed in the PayMaya app, enter the account number, enter the amount, and then pay. The account holder must have sufficient balance to be able to pay the bills successfully. PayMaya reserves the right to provide the payment function for invoices in its application and the merchants mentioned there. 16.2.1 To protect the account holder from adverse incidents, the account holder must: (a) sign the card as soon as it is received;b) keep the card in a safe place and treat it with care, as if it were cash;c) make sure the card is returned by the merchant immediately after a transaction;(d) If the card is received, remember the PIN code and destroy the notification; (e) Make sure the PIN is not seen/read by anyone else if it is used in the presence of others; (f) Change the PIN code regularly; (g) If the PIN has been seen or seen by another person, change immediately; (h) Note or do not keep the PIN on or near the card.

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