Sdl Agreement

“Advanced Support”: If a version reaches the Level 2 Support Date (4 years after the original release date), SDL will continue to support it at Level 3 (Advanced Support). To enter this phase, an extended support agreement must be entered into between SDL Customer Service and the customer. No other cumulative updates or general hotfixes will be released. Support is quite possible. 15.1 Neither party is obliged to fulfil its obligations, including a guarantee obligation agreed between the parties, if it is prevented from doing so due to force majeure. Cases of force majeure include, among others, state actions, ii) power outage, iii) errors concerning the internet, computer network or telecommunications equipment, iv) war, v) terrorism, vi) revolt and (vii) force majeure. All terms contained in an order, inconsistent with or additional to the terms of this Agreement, shall be deemed to be subject to this order, unless SDL has expressly agreed in writing. Details of outstanding positions of derivatives with settlement of shares (including traded options) or agreements relating to the purchase or sale of relevant securities should be provided on a supplementary form 8 (open positions) .. .

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