Stock Power Pledge Agreement

(a) Until all of Pledgor`s obligations under the obligation and this pledging agreement are fully fulfilled, all warranties will continue to be mortgaged under this pledging agreement. If Pledgor pays the principal amount of the Bond in whole or in part in advance, the portion of the shares for which such a down payment would represent the purchase price pursuant to the Contract of Sale (the “Paid Shares”) will be treated as independent security for the remaining balance of the Bond, in order to commence the holding period provided for in Rule 144(d) of the Securities and Exchange Commission with respect to other shares acquired with the obligation. 5. dividends; Vote. All dividends declared or payable below for guarantees during the term of this pledging agreement (with the exception of ordinary dividends paid to Pledgor as long as there are no events of default under the bond) (the “Dividends”) are delivered immediately to the Company to be mortgaged under this pledging agreement. Notwithstanding this pledging agreement, Pledgor has the right to vote, subject to any voting commitment issued by Pledgor, provided that Pledgor is the owner of the shares and that no event of default has occurred in connection with the obligation. 2. insurance, guarantees and insurance relating to guarantees. Pledgor represents and warrants to the Company that Pledgor has good ownership (registered and advantageous) of the security rights, free and free from any claim, pledge, security, pledge or en charges of any kind whatsoever, and that Pledgor has the right to pledge and grant the Company the right of security granted under this pledge agreement.

Pledgor also agrees that, without the prior written consent of the company (i), the buyer will not sell, assign or transfer security rights or attempt to sell, assign or transfer, or attempt to sell, assign or transfer, or (ii) grant or create warranties, or attempt to obtain security, pledges, to grant or create pledges, pledges, rights or other charges in respect of any of the security rights, or (iii) to suffer or permit the continuation of any of the guarantees during the term of such agreement of pledge, seizure, issue, performance or legal pledge. 6. Adjustments. In the event that, during the term of this pledge agreement, a share dividend, restructuring, adjustment, fractional shares or other changes to the security rights are declared or made, or where warrants or other rights, options or securities are issued in respect of the guarantees (the “Additional Securities”), all new securities, replaced and/or other securities, issued as a result of such modification or the exercise of such securities. Warrants, rights, options or securities are mortgaged (if delivered to Pledgor, immediately transferred to the company and) to the company to be held in accordance with the terms of this pledge agreement, as and in the same way that the guarantees are held below. 4. Additional Remedies. The rights and remedies granted to the Company in the event of default apply in addition to all of the Company`s rights, powers, and remedies under the California Uniform Commercial Code and applicable law, and such rights, powers, and remedies may be exercised by the Company with respect to all warranties. Pledgor agrees that the reasonable costs incurred by the company in maintaining the assets, preparing for resale or any other assignment, and the sale or other disposal of the assets, including attorneys` fees and other legal fees, are deducted from the proceeds of a sale or other assignment and are included in the amounts pledgor must offer to withdraw the security rights. . . .

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