Sykes-Picot Agreement Primary Sources

The result of France`s mandate in Syria, which officially began in 1923, was the birth of not one, but two deeply concerned states, Syria and Lebanon today. Despite the Sykes-Picot agreement, it was Britain that first managed Syria after being conquered by the Ottomans in 1918. The British made Faisal a leader of Syria, recognizing the contribution of the Arab revolt to the defeat of the Ottoman Empire and the promises made to Faisal`s father, Hussein. From the beginning, Syria was in revolt. Faisal wanted a truly independent Syrian state that included Palestine and Transjordan, as well as the Syrian nationalists, who were well represented in the parliament elected in 1919. But negotiations at the Paris Peace Conference resulted in an agreement for France to control Syria, as Sykes-Picot predicts. In 1920, France took over the management of the territory, just as Faisal and the nationalists declared the independence of a kingdom of Syria.

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