Teamsters Local 213 Collective Agreement

Your daughter or son can qualify for money for their training. Applications are received until October 9, 2020. For more information, click here on this award program and other scholarships and scholarships: The Teamsters Local 213 Members Benefit Plan is temporarily closed to the public. Because of the pandemic, telephone lines can experience a high volume. You can send by email and employees will respond as soon as possible. Members can drop off the material at the reception of the main office. While every effort is made to ensure consistency and accuracy of the documents presented here, readers should remember that these are not official documents. Pages may differ from the official version of the collective agreement. To view the collective agreement in PDF format, you must use Acrobat Reader. If you don`t have Acrobat Reader, please download it by clicking here. The Canadian Cyber Security Agency is warning Canadians to be particularly vigilant against cyber-fraud, as more companies and governments are doing more online to increase their vulnerability. During this period, we are addressing many of your concerns, particularly with regard to member benefits and EU costs. The U.S.

treaty does not apply to Canada. We are covered by a separate Canadian contract and the negotiation process for UPS employees differs from the 213 U.S. teamster employees joining the team to stop harassment and harassment of women and girls. Tree Island General Helper Site C Lodge positioned Prince George, Class 1 Kelowna/Kamloops Driver, Kelowna Driver/Technician, Preloader Aquaterra Drivers/Technicians UPS Preloader in Kelowna With respect to union fees, exposure quarantine that lasts more than a month, infection of the virus and sick leave or ei, or in the event of termination following your employer`s temporary closure, please contact the pricing office and request payment of work or rehab. The National Union Negotiates The Parent Welfare Program Click above the image for a link to the BC Ministry of Health BC COVID-19 Self-assessment Tool In the middle of COVID-19 Pandemie, we want to take a minute to remind you and reassure you that the local is there for you. While all Teamsters Local 213 offices are temporarily closed to the public, members are welcome at the Dues Office, but we ask you to contact the office before you take office. “In order to enable 811 health professionals to help more people who have symptoms of COVID 19 or who need help with other health problems, the province has set up a special telephone service to provide non-medical information to Colombians. These include the latest information on travel recommendations and social remoteness, as well as access to provincial and federal government assistance and resources. British Columbians reach duty personnel seven days a week from 7.30 to .m. to 20.m., at 1-888 COVID19. The information is available in more than 110 languages.

Labour Minister Harry Bains said a cabinet order last week allowing union registration cards to remain valid for six months instead of three was a time-raising provision of a labour code unanimously adopted by all legislative parties in 2019. The Teachers` Support Union (TSSU) represents about 1,000 non-university teachers who are assistants, tutors and meeting teachers. The Poly Party is made up of eight unions representing the university`s maintenance and crafts staff.

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