Transaction Bonus Agreement

9. Confidentiality. The contents, conditions and conditions of this authorization are kept confidential by the staff member and are communicated only to staff lawyers, financial advisors or direct family members, provided that they first agree to keep the terms of this authorization confidential or, moreover, in accordance with the law. Any breach of this confidentiality provision is considered a substantial violation of this authorization. The terms of a confidentiality agreement between staff and the company are not replaced by this publication. The transaction premium must be sufficient to prevent the employee from finding another job. As a result, it must safely fill all employment gaps and the risk of a change in compensation that may arise if the new owner decides that his services are not necessary. It should be equal to at least one year`s compensation and any differences in future wages due to competition violations (unless incompetentness is waived). If properly implemented, key employees will fully accept and support the owners` desire to liquidate their holdings, as they know they are protected from the risk of change, and buyers will have confidence that the operating model will remain intact even after the change of ownership. Because there are many subtleties to these agreements, whether it is useful for consultants who are familiar with these agreements and how they are interpreted to help in their creation. zs The main objectives of a transaction bonus program should therefore allay the fear of change while encouraging employees to take this new chance. The seller wants employees to keep their eyes on the business and know that it is in their best interest to support the sales process, as led by the owners and their advisors. 7.

Legal and fair recourse. The officer accepts that releasees have the right to apply this authorization and all provisions through a sublegilatable, specific benefit or other fair exemptions, without prejudice to other rights or remedies that may be authorizations due to a violation of that authorization by law or the bill. The staff member expressly acknowledges and accepts that any version that is not a party or signatory to this publication is a third party that benefits from the agreements stipulated in it. in the final agreement (s) relating to the modification of the control transaction or, failing that, the fair value of the property on the effective date of the transaction related to the amendment, established in good faith by the Commission.

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