Update to Gp Contract Agreement 2020/21

The General Practitioners (GP) contract agreement for 2020/21 has been updated, bringing changes to the way GP practices operate across the United Kingdom. These changes will have a significant impact on the services provided by GP practices, as well as the way they are funded. Here`s what you need to know about the GP contract agreement updates.

One of the most significant changes to the GP contract agreement is the increased funding allocated to practices. The agreement allocates an extra £122 million of funding, which will be used to support GP surgeries in delivering primary care services to patients. This funding is intended to support the GP workforce, with particular emphasis placed on recruiting and retaining staff. In addition, the agreement includes a change in the way GP practices are funded, with more money provided to practices with higher numbers of patients.

Another key area of focus for the updated GP contract agreement is the improvement of patient care. The agreement includes new measures to make it easier for patients to access GP services, such as extended hours for patients to consult with their GP. Additionally, there will be an expansion of the number of digital consultations offered to patients, allowing them to access care remotely.

The updated contract agreement also includes provisions for improved care for those with mental health issues. GP practices will be responsible for creating a mental health support team, consisting of a range of healthcare professionals, including psychologists and psychiatrists. This support team will work with GP practices to provide specialist mental health care to patients.

Finally, the GP contract agreement updates also address the issue of public health. The agreement includes additional funding for public health initiatives, such as smoking cessation programs and health education campaigns. GP practices will be responsible for delivering these services, ensuring that patients receive the targeted support they need to maintain their wellbeing.

In conclusion, the updated GP contract agreement for 2020/21 represents a significant shift in the way GP practices operate in the United Kingdom. The new measures, including increased funding for practices, improved access to GP services, and enhanced mental health care, will have a positive impact on patients across the country. GP practices will need to adapt to these changes, but ultimately, the updates to the GP contract agreement are expected to lead to better outcomes for patients and a more efficient and effective healthcare system.

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