Washington State Lease Agreement Laws

Legal use of deposit funds: A landlord must provide the tenant with written terms under which a deposit can be held at the end of a lease. A landlord cannot withdraw a deposit unless the lease is in writing and a written checklist of pre-existing conditions and damage to the property is provided to the tenant. If a tenant does not receive this checklist at the beginning of the rental, they are entitled to a full refund of the deposit. (RCW 59.18.260) All Washington landlords must make the following disclosures to their tenants. This can be done in your main lease or an additional contract: Rental conditions: Most leases are monthly, but can apply from one period to another for which the rent is payable. If you are behind on rent, even by one day, the landlord can give you 14 days` notice to pay or evacuate. RCW 59.12.030 (3). If you pay the full rent you owe within 14 days of receiving the termination, the landlord must accept it and cannot evict you. You do not have to accept a partial payment. If you don`t pay the full amount within 14 days and don`t withdraw, your landlord can file an eviction action against you. Note: these rights are automatic, which means that they are linked to both parties, even if the lease did not take them. Ownership: The landlord must provide the tenant with the name and address of the person who is the landlord. You can do this by providing the information contained in the rental agreement or by publishing it in a striking place on the site.

Tenants must be informed immediately if the property status changes. (RCW 59.18.060(15)) For fixed-term leases: Generally, a landlord can`t ask you to move for no reason if you have a lease, unless the term of the lease has expired (usually at the end of the first year). Check your lease for exceptions. Under state law, the landlord must notify you at least 20 days in advance. RCW 59.18.200(1)(a). Example: The rental period ends on June 30, when the rent is due on July 1. The landlord must terminate you before June 9 to move. If you break part of the lease, the landlord can notify you 10 days in advance. RCW 59.12.030(4). Example: You keep a cat despite the “no pets” rule of the lease.

The landlord could send you a notification to fix the problem (find a new home for the cat) or move out within 10 days. For more information or to report discrimination, please visit the Washington State Commission on Human Rights website. .

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